Borg Archery Handicap Toolkit Borg Archery Handicap Toolkit


Borg Archery Handicap Toolkit can be used to calculate the score required to achieve a specific handicap as well as calculating the handicap for a round just shot. With v2.1.0 it can now be used to track a target handicap whilst running ad hoc handicap competitions with your fellow archers.

It provides an end by end breakdown of minimum score so you can determine if you are still on track during your shoot.

Have you ever been in the position where the weather is closing in and you can't decide whether to abort a shoot? Would you like to know if you are still on track to achieving your best round rather than aborting and missing out? Well, with Borg Archery Handicap Calculator you can! Simply enter the handicap you would like to attain prior to starting the shoot and then track your progress end by end.

Borg Archery Handicap Toolkit uses the Archery GB handicap scheme developed by Mr. D. Lane. As such it is predominantly intended for the UK market and includes the Archery GB target outdoor and indoor rounds. It also includes the World Archery target rounds making it potentially useful outside the UK. In addition, it supports 2, 3 and 4 dozen single distances at 80cm and 122cm targets for both imperial and metric scoring.

Features and Benefits

  • Determine handicap achieved following a shoot
  • Determine score required to achieve a particular handicap prior to starting a shoot
  • Track progress during a shoot with the new handicap competition functionality
  • Includes Archery GB target outdoor and indoor rounds as well as World Archery target rounds
  • Can also be used for practice rounds of two, three or four dozen single distances using either 80cm or 122cm targets and imperial or metric scoring
  • Track progress against a target handicap



Version History


Version: 2.1.0

Release Date: Aug 31, 2018

Track a target handicap from inside an ad hoc competition.


Version: 2.0.0

Release Date: Jul 8, 2018

New Handicap Competition functionality. Changes to user interface. Minor bug fixes.


Version: 1.0.0

Release Date: Nov 5, 2017

Initial Release.

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