Borg Software Systems


Hello, my name is Steve Borg. I have been a developer for over thirty years with eighteen years of web development and over three years of Android app development experience.

I created Borg Software Systems in 2014 initially to allow me to develop apps on the Google Play store. My main aim now is to provide quality software for the archery community.

Umbraco Certified Master

I have nine years archery experience and was very involved in my previous club, serving on the committee as webmaster for four years and records officer for two years.

During my time at the club, I developed a web based archery records system and created the Progress 200 (P200) scheme.

The P200 scheme revolves around shooting a set round of 3 dozen arrows at a single distance - the same as the ArcheryGB Progress Badge Scheme for juniors but is available to both adult and junior archers.

It was my aim to encourage beginners to shoot more often by helping and encouraging them to track their progress through the use of both the online records system and the P200 scheme.


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