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Tools for the Archery Community


Borg Archery is all about providing the archery community (especially beginners) with tools to enable them to get more out of the sport.

The first application to help with this is the Borg Archery Handicap Toolkit.

Unlike most archery handicap calculators which are only useful after a shoot the Borg Archery Handicap Toolkit is also useful both prior to and during a shoot.

It is not always easy to tell if you are shooting better or worse than usual especially if you are shooting a round that you don't normally shoot. Have you ever been in the position where the weather is closing in and you can't decide whether to abort a shoot? Would you like to know if you are still on track to achieving your goal rather than aborting and missing out? Well, with the Borg Archery Handicap Toolkit you can! Simply enter the handicap you would like to attain prior to starting the shoot and then track your progress after each end.


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